[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The pasteurizers are used in fruit juice and milk industry for pasteurization and sterilization of fruit juice and fruit and vegetables concentrates, milk, milk used for making yogurt and whey. We provide the equipment and systems for heat treatment of milk and dairy products. The Installation are made on the basis of the plate heat exchangers from prestigious manufacturers.  They can be used for heating, pasteurization and cooling.

The device consists of:

  • the plate heat exchanger
  • the keeper
  • the pumps
  • the automatic and manual valve
  • the hot water system
  • the steam system
  • the regulating tank
  • the automatic devices

The automatic devices can be produced according to the needs in different levels of complexity. We highly recommend the automatic devices. Owing to them the devices meet HACCP requirements

The advantages:

  • the individual design and planning
  • the flexibility of offered services
  • the possibility of CIP cleaning
  • the possibility of transport of each device as a mono-block
  • the possibility of a self-assembly by a client
  • the easiness of the usage
  • the fully automatic PLC control (programmable logic
  • controler) with visualization