Pasteurizers are used in fruit juice and milk sectors for pasteurisation and sterilization of juices, fruit and vegetable concentrates, milk, milk used for yoghourt and whey production.

We offer devices and installations for thermal treatment of milk and dairy products. Installations are made with the use of plate heat exchangers from renowned producers.

Those can be used in heating, pasteurisation and cooling.

The device is made of:

  • plate heat exchanger,
  • holder,
  • pumps,
  • manual and automatic valves,
  • hot water heater installation,
  • steam installation,
  • regulated storage tank,
  • automatics.


Automatics, according to the needs, can be made with different degrees of complexity. We recommend especially automatics which meets the requirements of HACCP.


  • Individual projects according to clients’ needs,
  • Self-washing device (with no need of CIP system),
  • Possibility of transporting as monoblock,
  • Client can conduct a montage and the connection to installation by his own,
  • Fully automated control of the SPS with visualization.